This time of year is everyone's favourite, with perfect sunny days practically every day. There is practically no seasonal rainfall in Cape Town in summer and the flora is usually quite dry, with fire warnings in all conservancies.

On occasion a light sea mist rolls in early morning, a very cool air mass which rapidly dissipates. At summer solstice sunrise is at 5:30 a.m. and sunset at 9.00 p.m, with balmy evenings pefect for cafe culture as light can endure until 10 p.m. A light breeze saves Cape Town from the heat, the breeze stiffening considerably for short periods in September and January.

Edgemead is far enough away from the mountain not to be affected by clouds which tend to roll over the top, and hence enjoys drier weather. The location of the peninsula makes it possible to see both sunrise and sunset over the ocean.

(Above) The view of Table Mountain from Robben Island


Southern Right Whale calving season brings hundreds to these shores and one need not look out to sea long to see whales, dolphins and seals in abundance. Camps Bay's cafe culture is popular, with its Miami boardwalk feel and large bay-protected beach.

Towering over Camps bay are the butresses that form Table Mountain; 12 massive spurs named the "12 Apostles" that stretch along all the beaches that see the sunset. Long days and warm nights lend themselves to the city nightlife, which pulses from dusk to dawn the week through.

The natural attractions in Cape Town are far too lengthy to list here, suffice to say that the local flora, "fynbos", is one of the smallest unique ecosystems in the world, a dynamism enhanced by the proximity of an inspiring mountain and two great oceans.

(Above) Boulders at Simon's Town where you can swim with the Penguins

Cape Town has beautiful mountain walks which are popular during full moon, where the light is bright enough (and weather warm enough) to hike at night. Open-air concerts are held at the Waterfront and at Kistenbosch, Cape Town's botanical gardens, by day and night. For more on Cape Town's attractions, see The Cape page.

(Above) Dusk as seen over Table Mountain from the Northern Suburbs


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